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Our films inspire, reveal and crack pathways towards a more equitable world. Intrepido Films is a sixteen year-old company with a straightforward perspective and a start-up mentality. It was founded by Denis Delestrac to rethink production processes he considered stiff, and to reassert the producers' duties towards the artisans of the industry, the community and the environment. Since then, his films – famous for unraveling the hidden mechanisms of our society – have reached hundreds of millions in audience globally, sparking public debate and influencing political decision-making internationally.

Intrepido is an independent production house focused on quality storytelling and sustainability. Unlike a factory, we prioritize excellence over volume or quantity.

Intrepido is transparent. Our budgets are open and accessible to all our collaborators. Each documentary is first and foremost a love story and a lifetime commitment to subjects we consider essential to create a more civil and balanced society. We also produce branded content films for companies who share this DNA, who are down to earth, socially and environmentally responsible, or want to become it. We work with persons whom we respect and admire.

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Intrepido is watchful

Since its inception, Intrepido Films has implemented sustainable practices in pre-production, filming and post production. We follow the Green Production Guide of the Producers Guild of America. We’ve reached zero plastic and zero waste in 2018. We fly only when absolutely necessary  and we collaborate with the Clean Air Task Force to offset a minimum of 100 tons of CO2 – or equivalent of greenhouse gases – each year.


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